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View of the 2003 Faire at Ladysmith, just past the main entrance

The 2005 Virginia Renaissance Faire is going on now through June 12 at the Lake Anna Winery, Spotsylvania, VA. Directions, volunteer and participation information can be found here.


25 May 05

- the Scottish group Clann An Drumma (known, among other things, for the theme to We Were Soldiers) will be performing at the Virginia Renaissance Festival for one day only, May 30, 2005. For more info on Clann An Drumma, visit

28 Apr 05

- Revelers and Minstrels from the Virginia Renaissance Festival were part of the pre-concert street faire for the Richmond Symphony performance of Lord of the Rings in Concert on May 14th,
at the Landmark Theatre.

- Revelers and Minstrels from the Virginia Renaissance Festival will be coming to the streets of Old Town Alexandria on May 7th. Various garbed individuals will be wandering up and down King Street from Market Square (by the fountain) down to the waterfront, from 2PM till 5PM, playing songs, dancing, revelling and generally giving the public a taste of what the Virginia Renaissance Festival is all about.

6 December 04 - Gary Schwartz (aka court musician and virginalist Sir Thomas Tallis) hosted two performances of A Renaissance Christmas Pageant at the National Theater Monday Dec. 6th, 2004 in the Helen Hayes Gallery. The madrigal group Larksong performed the Renaissance classic "Can't Buy Me Love", Mistress Kate Bailey and Master Robert Hood (collectively known as Heartstrings) performed on recorder, guitar and voice, and John Harvard's Brew House got subjected to 20+ people in garb afterwards.

13 November 04 - Landlock'd, Sir Thomas Tallis, TomLori, other Virginia Faire alumni and performers from Stonetower Glenn Renaissance Faire had a great (if chilly) time performing at the RenniePaLooza concert. Pictures to be posted soon.

23 October 04 - The Virginia Renaissance Festival players performed for over 1000 patrons at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on Oct 23 in honor of the opening of the museum's new exhibit: Albrecht Dürer: A Renaissance Journey in Print.


23 August 04 - Pictures of the townsfolk of Staffordshire appearing at Stonetower Glenn Renaissance Faire on August 21-22 will be appearing soon.

Pete Shatswell has posted over 270 pictures from the closing weekend at Lake Anna here.

Pictures from the June 19-20 performance of the Stonetower Glenn Renaissance Faire can be found here. In addition to townsfolk of Staffordshire being in attendance, the piractical singing group Landlock'd, comprised of VA Ren Faire alumni, also performed. Their pictures of the Stonetower Faire can be found here.

Pictures from this season's faire at Roanoke and Lake Anna can be found at Soulstealer and Vyxen's site.

May 29 - the Scottish group known, among other things, for the theme to We Were Soldiers, Clann An Drumma performed. For more info on Clann An Drumma, visit

25 May 04 - illustrated VARF Links page updated - added ArcherMage's site


Good news for all those in the DC area suffering from RenFaire Withdrawl Syndrome from November to August; the Virginia Renaissance Festival is here! Located just south of Fredricksburg, the Virginia Renaissance Festival features minstrels, jugglers, period jewelry and clothing, swordplay, turkey legs, baudy songs and everything else needed to "party like it's 1549" (insert groan here)

Given the proximity of both the Virginia and Maryland Renaissance Festivals to the Washington DC area, comparisons are inevitable; however, any attempt at comparison is a disservice to both festivals. Whereas the Maryland festival is huge and has been in existence for over 27 years, the Virginia festival has only been around for two years in its current form, and is consequently much smaller. This difference in size is quite an advantage to both the new and veteran visitor to Ren Faires who have have been interested in getting more involved, but were never quite sure how to go about it. At the Virginia Renaissance Festival, there is more of an opportunity to interact with the participants. Play croquet with Queen Elizabeth, be wooed by Master Pate, throw axes at Lord Bagel, learn how a matchlock rifle works and learn the words to "Roll Me Over In The Clover" - all in a single day. If you've ever wanted to feel more a part of the 16th century (rather than watch it on a stage), this Faire is the place for you!

Directions can be found at

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